figuring out a colour palette

in progress

Made a poster for a games night we’re having here in town. Come join us if you’re in the area!

Practicing my typography

Volunteering with buns!


Good Friday McQueen

Evening sketch


I made a thing for the Allison Appreciation book but then I hated what I was doing with the background and waited too long to find something I liked oops. I love my linework though no lies

I actually forgot I made these for a final project, oops. The Queen of Attolia and the Queen of Eddis, from the most excellent novels by Megan Whalen Turner

The cover for my updated grad project, a graphic novel.

This was done on Yupo paper, which is basically a thin sheet of plastic paper. It produces lovely stuff, with the interesting caveat that it never dries! Ink in thicker spots on the page will stay there pretty much forever, so you can keep working with it until you’re satisfied. The paper absorbs the oils from your hand though, so wear gloves when handling. (I didn’t know that, so you can kind of see where the paper started rejecting the ink) Also, because the paper is plastic, it does NOT like heat and should never be hit with a blow dryer or it will warp!


Working on a little something

I have maybe been listening to a lot of Welcome to Night Vale, and it combined with a school project on detournement.


If only the woodpecker sighs
the wolf were as soft as he cries
the moon
the tree
the hungry skies

For a long time I really wasn’t fond of my line art style. I’ve come back around to it now, and I feel so confident and happy about the things I’m producing. I think it’s easy to tell when an artist loves what they’re working on, and believe you me I loved the work I did on this piece.

The poem included is a re-hashing of Louis Sachar’s poem from ‘Holes’.

Dianne Almond 2013

My illustrations look kind of funny when I’m still piecing them together